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12 Bells Final - 2022

On Saturday 25th June 2022 the Cathedral will be hosting the final of the National 12-Bell Striking Contest.  This is a bell-ringing contest in which teams of ringers representing cathedrals and churches with rings of 12 or more bells ring a set piece, which is judged by 3 experienced judges of ringing.  The winner is the team which produces the most accurate piece of ringing and is presented with the Taylor trophy, given by the former head of John Taylor & Co., bell founders, of Loughborough.   

Guildford Cathedral’s tower contains a fine ring of 12 bells and the Cathedral ringers will be one of the teams taking part.

This is a very popular annual event which attracts ringers and their families from all over the country.  Indeed, given a fine day, up to 1,000 visitors can be expected.  Do come along and listen to some first-class ringing.

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About the Competition

The competition started in 1975 with just 5 teams entering. It has grown rapidly since then and 20 teams entered this year. Nine of them emerged from the eliminators on 26 March (Chester Cathedral, Bury St. Edmunds and London, St. Magnus) to join the Guildford Cathedral band on 25 June. An estimated 1000 people attended the last competition at Exeter in 2020. More info on the competition and past history can be found on the main competition website.

The Final

The National 12-Bell Final is the biggest event each year in the bellringing calendar, with an attendance of up to 1,000 bellringers.  It is held at a cathedral or big-city church which houses 12 bells.  The top 10 teams in the country compete for the title.  It was last held at Guildford Cathedral in 1988 and is certainly the biggest ringing event at Guildford Cathedral since then.

Following the Eliminator Heats, the teams that will be competing in the 12-Bell Final at Guildford Cathedral on 25 June are:

Ancient Society of College Youths









Society of Royal Cumberland Youths