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2 Art Exhibitions for Holy Week and Easter

Monday 22 February 2022 – 2 May 2022

Songs of Forgiveness & Hope

A contemplative installation for Holy Week and Easter.

Fourteen panels make up this evocative and powerful exhibition. Seven panels reflecting the crucifixion and seven panels reflecting the resurrection, all of which are in the Baptistry.


Wednesday 6 April 2022 – Monday 2 May 2022

Hope Beyond Tragedy | Stations Of The Resurrection

Christ’s resurrection is at the heart of Christianity, yet the Gospel narratives vary in their descriptions of events, characters, and places. I have explored possible reasons for these in a commentary on my website: In these paintings & words I have tried to consider what may have convinced different witnesses and subsequent believers that Jesus had returned, inspiring the growth of faith and development of the Christian community.

In our sceptical society it has become unfashionable to believe in miracles. Many questions religious faith and try to reason-away what might have triggered belief. Yet it seems certain that something significant happened after Jesus’ death, which convinced his followers to spread his teachings & ways of living and believing with conviction. I offer these works to help one consider what may have encouraged early belief in Jesus’ Resurrection and explore the relevance that it might hold for us and for the world today.

Faith is rarely easy, yet I am convinced that there are important truths within the Gospel story. To me this feels the most important subject for any artist, writer, or thinker to explore. I worked on this project throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, regularly contemplating what hope might be found beyond the tragic loss of so many lives world-wide. I pray that these works might help others consider their personal response to the Resurrection story and its relevance to the inevitability of our own deaths. Belief in continued existence in some form or dimension beyond death is not necessarily simplistic or naïve. It is at the heart of most cultures and faiths, not just Christianity. The stories of Christ’s return suggest that beyond darkness, tragedy and vulnerability can be light, hope and strength.

Following the themes of these paintings & verses we journey through the witnesses’ recorded experiences. May they also help us find meaning in this significant story for ourselves, with the hope and trust that it offers, especially at this time of uncertainty about world peace, as well as health.

For more information see Iain’s Website here