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Through Passsion : Stations of the Cross

Tuesday 21 February – Monday 10th April

Through Passion | Stations Of The Cross

We are incredibly pleased to welcome back British painter and art-historian Iain McKillop to Guildford Cathedral with his new exhibition of 27 paintings entitled ‘Through Passion: Stations of the Cross’ for the period of Lent.

Using the tradition of the Stations of the Cross, this exhibition invites us to travel with Jesus on his journey to his death and resurrection, and to pause at each image for reflection, prayer and contemplation. However, it is not, however, intended to be primarily a sad journey; although Jesus’ death was tragic, he knew that through his self-sacrifice he could achieve forgiveness, healing, cleansing, freedom, renewal, and peace for humanity by reuniting us with God.

The paintings are displayed in an anti-clockwise direction follow a common tradition in many churches as a way of showing penitence i.e., a formal expression of regret.

Iain has exhibited works in many cathedrals and churches throughout the UK including Guildford Cathedral in 2022. He has also trained in theology and is an ordained Anglican minister.


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