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Threads through Creation

Saturday 10 September to Sunday 16 October 2022

We are very pleased to welcome back Jacqui Parkinson’s work at this new exhibition entitled Threads through Creation. This exhibition is a spectacular sequence of 12 huge textile panels. Jacqui retells the creation story in the first pages of the Bible in stunning scenes and images. The exhibition is one of the largest projects by a single artist, ever. It has taken Jacqui two years to complete. It is the follow up exhibition from the highly acclaimed Threads through Revelation, her first huge exhibition which visited 14 cathedrals including Guildford Cathedral and was seen by more than 500,000 visitors. 

This exhibition is free to visit. A book, guidebook and postcards available to purchase.

Saturday 1 October and Saturday 8 October

The Cathedral is open on these dates for commercial events. Anyone wishing to visit the Jacquie Parkinson Exhibition, Threads through Creation, will be given access, but the rest of the Cathedral is not open to visitors.

Tuesday 4 October

Between 12noon and 2pm the Cathedral is closed to visitors due to a wedding taking place