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Saturday 30th May 2020

Josephine Butler, social reformer, 1906

Joan of Arc, visionary, 1431 | Apolo Kivebulaya, priest, evangelist, 1933

Seasons Café helping to feed the NHS

Our NHS Staff at the Royal Surrey County Hospital need our help! 

The Surrey Drive Campaign is sending in 100s of meals each week to feed our frontline heroes. These meals are vital to staff working at this critical time.

Carla, James, Neil and the fabulous team at our own Seasons Café are part of Surrey Drive and have been hard at work providing tasty meals and treats for the deserving recipants. 

Please support Surrey Drive now by donating what you can. For the cost of a takeaway coffee, you could feed an amazing nurse, doctor, surgeon or other vital member of the team a much needed meal!

Donate to the Surrey Drive initiative  


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