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Individual prayer

Guildford Cathedral is open for individual prayer … read more

From Tuesday 7 July Morning Prayer will be said at 9am and Eucharist at 9.30, Tuesday to Friday. This will take place in the Quire with entry from the north east door. 


On Sundays you can join in a streamed Eucharist service, and links to other resources are available on our Home Worship page. Links and other information can be found on the Cathedral Facebook page. Our Clergy continue to worship daily in their own homes, if you would like to be added to the prayer list contact Please be assured of our prayers at this time. 


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All services and events are included in the diary, except Art Exhibitions (see link above). Please note that events are subject to change, especially those advertised more than a month in advance.

Sunday 2nd August 2020

8th Sunday after Trinity

Support our Cathedral

The Cathedral is closed due to Coronavirus restrictions.

When we do come out of our current isolation we want to be able to return to welcoming tens of thousands of visitors, tourists and pilgrims; to continue to develop our spiritual life through excellent choral worship, fellowship and learning; to welcome back more than 4000 school children and their teachers and thousands of graduands from the University of Surrey; to provide Free Coffee Concerts and Family Activity Days for hundreds of guests, and much more besides.

Even with all the emergency financial measures we are putting in place we are facing real hardship. Could you please consider prayerfully whether there is anything you might be able to do to help our financial situation and be part of us moving forward in the months to come?

Thank you to everyone who is currently a member of our Planned Giving Scheme.

Thank you also to everyone who gives financially to the Cathedral in other ways.

  •      Could you consider setting up a Standing Order. No amount is too small, and even £5.00 per month would be a great help. 
  •      Give what you would normally give via the green envelopes online via the website

Thank you for all you give already and whatever giving you can increase or give online will be such an encouraging part of us moving forward. And please, everyone who is a UK tax payer should sign a Gift Aid Declaration.

Further details on supporting the Cathedral can be found at

Thank you so much.

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