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Events at Guildford Cathedral

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Sunday 7th August 2022

The Eighth Sunday after Trinity

Proper 14

Morning Prayer (said)
Lady Chapel
Holy Communion (said)
Lady Chapel
The Cathedral Eucharist (Sung by the Plaxtol Scholars)
High Altar
Hymns: 208 (parts 2, 3 & dox), 311 (omit v3), 612
Mass in A minor - Claudio Casciolini
Psalm 33.12-21
Jesu dulcis memoria - Tomas Luis de Vittoria
Preacher: The Very Reverend Dianna Gwilliams
Organ: Toccata in D minor - Dietrich Buxtehude
Cathedral Open Today
Evensong (Sung by the Plaxtol Scholars)
Nave Altar
Responses: Tomkins
Hymns: 19, 577
Fourth Evening service - Adrian Batten
Psalm 108
Blessed is he that considereth - Michael Wise
Preacher: The Very Reverend Dianna Gwilliams
Organ: Fanfare (Four Extemporisations) - Percy Whitlock