Star of Wonder

Coming January 2020 to Guildford Cathedral:

Experience this stunning and immersive light and sound show inside the interior of Guildford Cathedral.

Celebrate the twelve days of Christmas and enjoy a spectacular light and sound show that takes you on the journey of the Magi where you will walk through stunning starry skies and be enveloped with beautiful light and sound. 

The perfect way to start the year for all the family.

For a short clip to give you a taste of Star of Wonder click this link

From the team who brought you ‘Poppy Fields’ transforming the interior of the Cathedral in recognition of the Armistice when thousands of people entered the majestic Cathedral and were bathed in light and sound, ‘Luxmuralis’ are back at Guildford and this time bringing you : ’Star of Wonder’.

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Images shown from Lichfield Cathedral

About the Artistic Team:

Artist Peter Walker and Composer David Harper are an artistic collaboration called ‘Luxmuralis’ (which means ‘Light Murals’). Through Son-et-Lumiere, sculpture and sound art pieces they transform and reinterpret the sense of place and space in various locations, creatively helping members of the public to take a physical and emotional journey to identify with the subject and message of the artwork.

Previous work by Luxmuralis has seen spectacular events in Germany, Italy and throughout the UK in various locations including The Bodleian Library, Oxfordshire, Compton Verney, Warwickshire, and cathedrals such as Lichfield, St Albans, Christ Church and Guildford to name but a few.

Previous installations have seen feedback such as:

“Absolutely fantastic, so thought provoking simply beautiful!”

“That was the best experience of my life”

“So inspirational. Highly recommended.”

“It was lovely to see the Cathedral in a very very different way to how you would normally see it.”


For more info:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram:   @luxmuralis

You tube link showing Luxmuralis ‘Poppy Fields’ installation at Guildford Cathedral: