News: Star Gazing Evening


Our prayers have been answered!  The latest weather forecast is for a clear but very cold evening for star gazing. Please wear warm clothing, take care in low lit areas and parents keep a close eye on your children - they remain your responsibility at all times. 

We are expecting this event to be extremely popular, please remain patient if you have to wait to park or to view the sky through a telescope - we will do our best to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to observe the sky safely.  If you bring a torch, please turn it off in the viewing area on the south terrace to enable everyone's eyes to re-adjust to lower light levels.

Free Parking is available on site.  Overflow parking is available at the University of Surrey Stag Hill campus.  Please respect our neighbours by parking considerately.

Entry to the talk on The Star of Bethlehem at 6.30pm may have to be limited to meet fire regulations - please take your seats in good time. Crafting activities are being prepared, children welcome to make telescopes, origami boxes and sewing constellations to name a few.  We are looking forward to a dazzling evening to celebrate Epiphany


Future astronomers and astronauts are invited to Guildford Cathedral’s Pop Up Observatory on Friday 20 January for a free star gazing evening, plus a talk from an internationally respected Astronomer, Prof David Hughes.

Ideal for beginners and enthusiasts keen to learn more, visitors of all ages are welcome to explore the sky at night at this special event through the use of outdoor telescopes.  Volunteer devotees from The Guildford Astronomical Society will be present to guide visitors as they share their knowledge and passion for their speciality.   To celebrate the season of Epiphany, the evening includes a free talk on “The Star of Bethlehem” delivered by international astronomical expert, David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Astronomy at Sheffield University.

David will deliver an accessible illustrated talk covering the fascinating question of "What was the star of Bethlehem? Did it really exist? What does it tell us about the birth of Jesus? ... If it did exist, then it is one of the most amazing phenomena ever witnessed by man.  Join us for a journey of investigation into the astronomical, biblical, historical, religious and astrological evidence about the star, following a trail of detection we shall arrive at a definite solution to the star of Bethlehem mystery!

The Star Gazing part of the evening is weather dependent and will be held outside the Cathedral taking advantage of its commanding position.   Crafting activities, the chance to meet the experts and the talk, will take place, whatever the weather, in the heated spacious Marquee at Guildford Cathedral.


Drop in Star Gazing                                         6.00pm – 8.30pm   On South Terrace, subject to sky remaining cloud free.  Please turn off torches! 

                                                                                                        Some 14-18 telescopes will be available, each will show something different!

Drop in crafting activities for children               6.00pm – 8.30pm (parents: if you drop in during the talk, please respect our speaker and the audience)

The Star of Bethlehem talk                              6.30pm – 7.30pm

The Cathedral floodlights will be turned off for the evening to enhance the experience.  Visitors to the Cathedral should bring torches to help them navigate the local paths, but these should be turned off at our “Pop Up Observatory” area on the South Terrace.  Warm clothing is recommended, temperatures are due to drop to -5.  Free car parking is available at the Cathedral, with overflow parking available at the University of Surrey, Stag Hill campus,  please drive carefully as lighting in the vicinity will be reduced.

For visitors parking at the University of Surrey (free), please follow pedestrian signage to the Cathedral (approximately 7 minutes walk)

Independent food vendors will be available on site serving a range of light refreshments

First Aid point in the Marquee

Enquiries to Louise Kenyon

Added Tuesday 6th December 2016