News: Heritage Talks@Two

Thursday 27 April, 2pm : Sir Edward and Lady Maufe

Thursday 4 May, 2pm :   Alan Turing: Guildford's Best Kept Secret

Join us for a mini series to explore the lives of eminent innovators of the twentieth century, who have played a significant role in shaping todays world.

Thursday 27 April, 2pm.  The People's Cathedral and the couple who created it

We are delighted to welcome Juliet Dunmur, grand-daughter of Sir Edward and Lady Maufe, who will give us a unique perspective on the creative couple who designed Guildford Cathedral. 

Thursday 4 May, 2pm.  Alan Turing: Guildford's Best Kept Secret.

Paul Backhouse, local author and guide, tells the story of the creator of the modern computer.  Turing was made famous through the recent film "The Imitation Game", he lived in Guildford at a time that co-incides with the building of  "The People's Cathedral".  Hear about the man behind the genius and why Guildford was such an important part of his short life.


Our Talks@Two are free to attend and all are welcome, each talk will include an opportunity for questions, finishing around 3.15pm.  The talks will take place in the Marquee at Guildford Cathedral.  Please help us plan this event by registering your interest by contacting



Added Thursday 23rd March 2017