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Vote for Guildford Cathedral!

Guildford Cathedral is delighted to have been shortlisted in a public vote to find the UK’s most popular Cathedral and they want your vote!  The UK’s cathedrals are wonders of architecture and sanctuaries of peace. They hold fascinating treasures and secrets spanning thousands of years of history… and now you can vote for your favourite in a free on line national poll.

Guildford Cathedral, also known as “The People’s Cathedral”, is unique – built by the people, for the people. A stunning 20th-century and grade II* listed building, it was created by 200,000 ordinary people who “bought a brick” (for 2/6 in old money!) to pay for its construction. Today, the cathedral is a valued spiritual and community hub which welcomes some 100,000 visitors every year and is celebrated for its simple architectural beauty.

Despite much recent focus on the financial difficulties facing the Cathedral, there is no doubt that it holds a special place in the hearts of the community and is recognised as a beacon on the local skyline.  So what does the Cathedral do, what makes it so popular?

Here are seven reasons that Guildford Cathedral is widely recognised as a valuable part of our community and our heritage;

  1. A centre of excellence for music, with a world class choir, releasing famous records and CDs, preserving ancient musical choral traditions
  2. A place of Christian worship, a focus for the community, especially providing a memorable place to gather at the great festivals of Christmas and Easter
  3. A focal point for large civic events, celebrations, art exhibitions and graduations, the Cathedral has hosted numerous royal visits to our borough since construction started in the 1930s
  4. A hub  of learning for schools, the Cathedral welcomes children of all ages to learn about their heritage and themselves
  5. A special venue for a variety of free community events, concerts, talks, study days and family fun days – always busy , always welcoming
  6. A fascinating heritage site, an example of the best of twentieth century architecture, in the top 5.5% of listed buildings in the UK, offering some of the best panoramic views in the south of England
  7. A unique place of beauty and peace, open to everybody, every day, where peace and reflection can always be found

Marion, one of the many volunteers at the Cathedral commented “Guildford Cathedral means a huge amount to me – it is a reassuring landmark, a real focus for everyone.  I love my volunteering, I have learnt so much about the rhythm of cathedral life that contributes so much to the area.  Guildford Cathedral isn’t the oldest, the biggest or the most ornate Cathedral, but it can claim to be the most popular in the sense that it was built by the people who it now serves”

Guildford Cathedral has recently been voted the symbol of Guildford on the town’s monopoly board – please vote for your local Cathedral to show your support of what it represents in the community. 

To vote simply follow this link, all votes must be recorded by 30 March 2017;


Added Wednesday 8th March 2017