News: Christingle Service

Christingle Service: Sunday 27 January 2019, 3pm

At Candlemas we celebrate that Jesus is the Light of the World, join us at this family friendly Christingle service reflecting on themes of love, light, hope and joy.  This will be an exciting and memorable occasion, children will be given a Christingle to take home. 

Christingle is a celebratory event which takes place very year, typically between Advent and Candlemas.  The idea of the Christingle was originally formed by Bishop Johannes de Watteville in Marienborn, Germany.  He was looking for a simple way to explain the happiness that had come to people through Jesus, so gave children a lighted candle wapped in a red ribbon.  The word Christingle is a combination of Christ and the German word "Ingle", which means "light/fire", hence Christingle means "Christ light".
Christingle has been bringing hope to thousands of children and  young people for the past 48 years, providing vital support for the work of the Children's Society.  This Christmastide, Guildford Cathedral is delighted to participate in celebrating the 50th anniversary of Christingle services, supporting this country's most vulnerable children.

Added Friday 16th November 2018