News: Threads through Revelation - limited access 3 - 6 October

Art Exhibition

Guildford Cathedral is delighted to be hosting the celebrated touring "Threads through Revelation" exhibition which is a spectacular display of vibrant textile art by Jacqui Parkinson. Using fabric, silks, paint, stitching and metallic leathers she has created dramatic designs inspired by the images from Revelation (the last book in the Bible). 

Canon Dr Julie Gittoes says: “Revelation is one of the most challenging and inspiring books of the Bible. It explores some of the big themes of what it is to be human and the nature of God: life and faith, death and judgement, good and evil, the new heaven and the new earth. Jacqui’s imaginative creativity draws us into this strange and compelling realm in a way which resonates powerfully with us today”.

The exhibition will run from 21 August – 12 October. Please check the Cathedral website for details of opening times and availability. 

Between 3 - 6 October there is limited access to see the exhibition and not everything will be visible.

Admission is free.  All welcome.

Added Thursday 19th July 2018