News: Confessions and Spritual Conversations during Lent 2019

Lent Confessions

It has long been the practice of many Christians to observe the Rite of Reconciliation (Confession) during Lent.  Clergy will be available in the Lady Chapel for an hour on the following dates throughout Lent: Monday 11 March 4pm – Canon Paul, Tuesday 19 March 2.30pm – The Dean, Thursday 28 March 10am – Canon Paul and Friday 5 April 2pm – The Dean. They are also available at other times by appointment.  Contact the Dean's PA to arrange an alternative time or 01483 547 862.

Spiritual Conversations – from Sunday 17 March

It may not be your custom to come for Confession but you might value a spiritual conversation about your faith, prayer, joys, doubts or struggles with the Christian faith. We have a group of trained prayer guides in the cathedral who would be pleased to listen to you and, if you wish, pray with you. They will be available, along with Canon Mavis Wilson, after the Eucharist every Sunday during lent from 17 March. Please make your way after the service to the Library and you will be directed to a quiet space.

Added Friday 8th March 2019