News: Stained Glass in Focus, until 24th February

Michael Sleigh, a local professional photographer with over 30 years of experience in photography and education, owner of Polypodphoto and tutor at the Guildford Institute, presents his exhibition, Stained Glass in Focus.

The project came about through recording stained glass in local churches with the realization that there is beauty and quality of design in church windows which is often overlooked. The aim is to bring the best images of stained glass out into the light through exhibitions and the internet.

Photographs in the Exhibition

The images on display are mostly from local churches and are only a small selection from the many hundreds of photographs shot over the last 10 years. Examples are from themed sets of images such as ‘Flowers & Foliage’, Animals & Angels’ and ‘Architecture in Stained Glass’.

Added Thursday 24th January 2019