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Community Committee

 The Role of the Community Committee

  • to support Chapter in its engagement with the Community, particularly in cascading necessary information to the Community, explaining decisions taken by Chapter affecting the Community and engendering trust and ownership of the life of the Cathedral
  • to obtain the balanced and collective view of the Community on relevant matters and to report these to Chapter so they can be considered in reaching conclusions on matters affecting the Community;
  • to reach out to all parts of the Community and engender belonging
  • to offer advice both on a regular and ad hoc basis on the quality of communication with the Community, to identify gaps and suggest changes
  • to act as a sounding board for members of the Community who wish to express ideas or views but who may wish to retain a degree of anonymity
  • at the request of Chapter or Clergy, to explore potential ventures prior to announcing them directly to the Community
  • to advise and assist  Chapter on Outward Giving
  • to assist or facilitate the development of Community related initiatives in keeping with the overall vision and mission of the Cathedral.

For further details please contact Linda Sharpin on

Committee Members: 

Ian Bowler - Chair and member of chapter and server

Joy Allen - Steward and trustee of the Friends of Guildford Cathedral

Elaine Brown - Flower arranger

Sarah Hawken - Senior Volunteers Meeting representative, server, guide, pastoral assistant, shop volunteer and congregant of many weekday and Sunday services

Andrew Hodges - Guide, steward and trustee of the Friends of Guildford Cathedral

Sue Holroyd - Fair Trade, lay communion assistant and hospitality volunteer

Linda Sharpin - Steward

Donald Thompson - Server

Paul Williamson - Dean’s Virger

Please see Meetings and Links page for minutes, next meeting details and links to News Sheets.