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Evensong - 24 July 2016

According to the Surrey Advertiser, Guildford has been invaded - by Pokémon. Stag Hill is fruitful territory for those collecting Zubats, Drowzees, Raticates, Spearows and even a Meowth. If this makes no sense, let me take a step back.  Pokémon Go is a mobile app - an updated… Read more

Sermon by Julie Gittoes on Sunday 24th July 2016

Cathedral Eucharist - 10 July 2016

The kindness of strangers: Are good Samaritans the exception or norm? So ran a headline on the BBC news website only 10 days or so ago.  Uplifting stories of strangers intervening to offer practical help or even save a life catch our attention. Some of those momentary encounters cost very li… Read more

Sermon by Julie Gittoes on Sunday 10th July 2016

Choral Mattins - 3 July 2016

O Saviour of the world, who by thy Cross and precious Blood hast redeemed us, Save us, save us and help us, we humbly beseech thee, O Lord. Strengthen ye the weak hands - William Henry Harris. On Friday, more than a thousand volunteer actors loitered in military uniform in stations and mingled w… Read more

Sermon by Julie Gittoes on Sunday 3rd July 2016

Easter Day Evensong

Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel is guaranteed to make me cry. My eyes begin to well up in the opening bars.  Is it a kind of dream? The words and melody of the refrain are really gut-wrenching: Bright eyes, burning like fire Bright eyes, how can you close and fail? How can the light that burn… Read more

Sermon by Julie Gittoes on Sunday 27th March 2016

Mothering Sunday Cathedral Eucharist

"Once upon a time..." So begins 'Mothering Sunday', Graham Swift's recently published novella. It imitates the dynamics of a fairytale - a story of poverty and transformation: an infant abandoned on the steps of an orphanage; a life of service; the possibility of romance and tragedy. Jane Fairch… Read more

Sermon by Julie Gittoes on Sunday 6th March 2016

Choral Evensong - 28 February 2016

There was a buzz of lively chat and purposeful activity around the craft tables.  Glue sticks were passed to and fro; biscuits were being iced; beaded prayer bracelets were carefully threaded; younger siblings murmured 'I want one'.  Family, children and volunteers were enjoying  o… Read more

Sermon by Julie Gittoes on Sunday 28th February 2016

Choral Mattins - 21 February 2016

"Do you have a family?" It's perhaps one of the most obvious and seemingly innocuous questions we ask in the midst of our ordinary social interactions. "Do you have family?" It's a question that can be made more or less generous - even more or less intrusive - with the omission or inclusion of… Read more

Sermon by Julie Gittoes on Sunday 21st February 2016

Cathedral Eucharist - 14 February 2016

The first Tweet I read today said: is it happy Valentine's Day or gloomy first Sunday of Lent? My reply read: Or subverting Valentine's Day and saying something joyful about love of God on first Sunday of Lent? Far from gloomy @GuildCath For our readings draw us into the reality of love, which i… Read more

Sermon by Julie Gittoes on Sunday 14th February 2016

Cathedral Eucharist - 17 January 2016

The opening airport scene of Love Actually is full of moments of loving recognition: Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, health or status human love is poured out in hugs, kisses, embraces. From Heathrow to Guildford Station, we've all been there: waiting, scanning the crowd, glimpsin… Read more

Sermon by Julie Gittoes on Sunday 17th January 2016

St John the Evangelist - 27 December 2015

Call the Midwife, Strictly Come Dancing, Eastenders, Doctor Who: just some of the familiar 'stories' and seasonal 'specials' which have dominated the TV schedules over the last 48 hours. The Christmas Day ratings battle was won by an ongoing saga, described by The Telegraph as a 'posh fantasy'. &n… Read more

Sermon by Julie Gittoes on Sunday 27th December 2015