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Our Cathedral remains ‘Open to God, Open to all’ through the generosity of our donors and volunteers.

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Our Cathedral proudly upholds the motto, 'Open to God, Open to all,' thanks to the generosity of our donors and volunteers. We are committed to offering free entry for everyone, but like many Cathedrals, we do not receive regular government funding. The Church of England supports the stipends of our clergy, but we rely on income generated from visitors, fundraising, and our business activities. Our dedicated team works tirelessly on applications to trusts and grant-making bodies, but we need your help to continue being a wonderful place and a powerhouse for well-being in our community.

Our Enthuse online Donation Page is here


Reasons to Support Us

Guildford Cathedral stands resolute on Stag Hill, a striking landmark visible from the A3, guiding navigation around Guildford. Upon entering, visitors are captivated by the grace of the open space before them.

We serve as a versatile space, hosting concerts, art exhibitions, children's activity days, and worship services. People visit for various reasons, whether to enjoy the music, appreciate the art, find solace, or explore. We provide tours for interested adults and workshops for schools, and hold graduation ceremonies and school leavers' services.

Our sublime choirs, combined with the grandeur of the building, elevate worship to another level.

With thousands of visitors annually and our elevated location, both the elements and wear-and-tear take their toll on our beloved structure. Regular maintenance is essential to address weathering, accidental damage, and general wear.

We aim to keep our exhibition spaces up-to-date for artists and local groups, ensure safe and suitable furniture, and maintain a clean and repaired fabric to enhance the experience for all visitors and worshippers. Your support helps us maintain this safe haven, a place to explore, learn, worship, and seek refuge from the elements.

How You Can Help

Your contributions, big or small, make a significant impact:

  • £55 could cover one hour of voice coaching for our choristers.
  • £10 could assist in providing educational materials for our work with schools.
  • £500 supports one of our Girl Choristers
  • £146 pays for one hour of a 24 hour day to cover our costs (£3,500 per day).
  • Any amount small or large as an unrestricted gift, makes a difference, and helps us keep our doors open to all for free.

Your commitment to an unrestricted regular gift supports our mission to protect and preserve this sacred place and its ministry and outreach.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help, please contact Nicola Pratt, Head of Development, via email at or call 01483 547884.

To make a donation, visit our Enthuse page:

Alternatively, you can use the provided QR code to access the Enthuse page directly. Your support is deeply appreciated, and together, we can uphold Guildford Cathedral as a place of significance and inspiration for generations to come.

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