Children and Young people

Sunday School

In term time, Sunday School takes place in the Library (just past the organ loft stairs) during the Cathedral Eucharist. Children aged 3-11 are very welcome; please take them there before the service and collect before communion.

There is a DIY crèche in the Interpretation Room opposite the Library - please feel free to drop in with your children during the service.

Please email Canon Julie Gittoes ( for further details.

Special Family services

Wed 3 April            10-11am           Cathedral Tots - Easter

Fri 19 April             10-11am           Good Friday family service

Wed 1 May            10-11am           Cathedral Tots

Wed 5 June           10-11am           Cathedral Tots - Pentecost

Wed 3 July             10-11am          Cathedral Tots

Wed 4 September 10-11am           Cathedral Tots