Why Should I Volunteer?

People volunteer for many different reasons:

  • Gain valuable WORK EXPERIENCE  
  • Improve your HEALTH and GET ACTIVE

“76% of volunteers say helping makes them feel healthier”

  • Make new FRIENDS
  • Support your local COMMUNITY
  • Learn NEW SKILL
  • Enhance your EMPLOYABILITY

"73% of employers would employ a candidate with volunteering experience over one without"

  • Explore career OPPORTUNITIES   
  • Get a job REFERENCE
  • Simply have FUN

Don't Take Our Word For It!

Listen to our Chief Guide, Janet Matthews, on why she volunteers and what Guildford Cathedral means to her.


Interested and want to know more?

Please contact Gill Thorpe on 01483 547885 or email gill@guildford-cathedral.org or complete our short Volunteering Application Form