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Our work with Trusts and Foundations

Trust and Foundations make a real difference to the work of Guildford Cathedral. The support of Trusts and Foundations help to ensure this beautiful building is kept open to all. Without the help of our supporters we would be unable maintain the building or keep our magnificent choir enriching the lives of worshippers and visitors alike. We would be unable to continue to engage and inspire people across the Diocese and beyond.

Recent donations that are making a difference:

  • Benefact Trust
  • The Vibrated Corn Trust | Unrestricted funding
  • The Atlas Fund | Funding for our Organ Scholar
  • The Borrows Charitable Trust | Coffee Concerts
  • The Golsoncott Foundation | Funding for our Organ Scholar
  • Guildford Cathedral Music Development Foundation
  • The Friends of Guildford Cathedral
  • Guildford Cathedral Choir Association
  • Williams Church Music Trust | Funding for our Organ Scholar
  • The Church Commissioners Sustainability Fund
  • Ouseley Trust | Funding our Organ Scholar
  • John and Ruth Howard Charitable Trust | Funding for our Organ Scholar


The building works at the Cathedral are complete with grateful thanks to the HLF and many generous trusts, foundations and individual donors.  Our work continues and and the Cathedral still needs support so that all can benefit from the new improvements for free, 365 days a year.  It costs approximately £1.3m a year to run the Cathedral - with 50% purely on the maintenance of the building and grounds. 

We are very grateful for the generous support of Trusts and Foundations but our need is still great. Ongoing support could help us continue to provide musical opportunities and skills for children, family learning and education days or to pay for one day of opening this sacred and inspiring space.

Our Ask

  • £3,500  covers the costs of one day of opening the Cathedral and help keep it free for all.
  • £1,320 covers one of three terms of vocal coaching for our choristers
  • £1,000 covers the costs of the purchase of music and PRS feels

We also have some substantial projects that we require funding including

  • The Lady Chapel
  • Repairs to our Stone Floor
  • Our Organ

Conservation Work

We have a number of small and large scale projects please do contact us for more details.

How we work with Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and Foundations have provided loyal and generous support to Guildford Cathedral over the years. We are keen to further develop these relationships and build new partnerships.

Next steps

If you are involved with a Trust and would like to learn more about current fundraising projects or if you would like to discuss how you can help, please contact the Fundraising Department on