Welcome to our Coffee Concerts

Join us for the next Coffee Concerts which are 

20 September 2018 Motivation by Music

28 September 2018 MacMillan World's Biggest Coffee Morning

18 October 2018 Marcus Bingham & Salia Dinq

15 November 2018 Musical Banquet

20 December 2018  Age UK Carol Service

As always, coffee is served from 10.30 am, with the concert starting at 11.15am and finishing at 12.00 noon.

You may not be aware that our Restaurant / Café is open, offering an exciting range of fresh snacks and meals. If you are able, please do stay for lunch on Thursday, or if not come back another time. You will see the same faces serving in there with Marissa and Shelagh and also some new faces, Carla, James and Neil. They will all be happy to welcome you. If you want to book a table they can be contacted on 01483 563 841 or seasonscathedral@thetipsypigs.co.uk

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our coffee concerts.