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Cathedral Community Cycle of Prayer

Lord,hear our prayer.

Prayer intentions for the Offices, Eucharist and Prayers during the Day

Day 1       

Cathedral clergy: Dianna Gwilliams (Dean), Stuart Beake (Sub Dean), Duncan Myers (Priest Vicar and Anglican Chaplain to the University of Surrey), Mavis Wilson (Priest Vicar)

All people of other faiths and of goodwill in our communities.

Day 2      

The Operations team: Matt O’Grady, (Chief Operating Officer), Jim Blake, (Head of Property and Facilities) and Maurice Rubin (Maintenance Volunteer).

Those whose work is unfulfilling, stressful or fraught with danger.

Day 3      

The Virgers Team: Paul Williamson (Dean’s Virger), Stephen Reeds (Canons’ Virger), Andrew Hudsmith, Jim Earwicker; John Austin, Richard King, Tim Stannard, Janet Stubbings and Sally Courtney (Laundress).

The media and the arts in our Diocese

Day 4      

The Music Team: Katherine Dienes-Williams (Organist & Master of the Choristers), Richard Moore (Sub-Organist), Luke Saint (Organ Scholar), Denise Backhouse (Lead Choir Chaperone), the Boy and Girl Choristers

and Lay Clerks. The Guildford Cathedral Singers: John Bawden (Director), Chorister chaperones. Our visiting choirs.

Our Mission Partners: Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy, HomeStart Guildford, Seeds for Development.

Day 5      

The Pastoral Assistants: Jean Deeks, Pat de Sylva, Jeannette Ellison, Sarah Hawken, Canon Mavis Wilson (co-ordinator).  

For all engaged in farming in the diocese and for those who serve rural communities.

Day 6      

The Guild of Guides of the Cathedral: Janet Mathews (Chief Guide). The Guild of Stewards of the Cathedral: Andrew Hodges (Head Steward).

Those who live in the midst of famine or disaster.

Day 7      

The Friends of Guildford Cathedral, Mary Morris, (Vice-chair) and Lisa Hatherall, (Secretary).

All who are unemployed, especially young people not in education, employment or training.

Day 8      

The Visitor Experience and Events work of the Cathedral: Louise Musgrove (Head of Visitor Experience and Events), Karen Taylor (Visitor Experience and Outreach Officer), Tracey Pusey (Events Officer), The Enterprise Board: Jenny Tomley (Chair)

The work of aid agencies throughout the world.

Day 9      

The Cathedral Council: Peter Shaw (Chair).

All who work in the medical and healing professions: GP practices and hospitals, among them the Royal Surrey, Mount Alvernia, the Nuffield, Frimley Park, and Epsom & St Helier Hospitals.


The Cathedral Shop: Sharon Collier (Shop Manager) and the shop volunteers.

The work of the Social Services in our Diocese.

Day 11    

The Cathedral Finance Committee: Andrew Pianca (Chair & Honorary Treasurer); Malcolm Twigger-Ross (Chief Financial Officer); Ryan Fowldes (Finance Manager)

The commercial and industrial life of Surrey and NE Hampshire; Chambers of Commerce and employee organisations.

Day 12    

Cathedral Office Control Centre: Lisa Hatherall (Administrative Assistant), Carolyn Howard-Jones (Liturgy and Music Administrator), Emma Cooper (Dean’s PA and Office Manager)

Victims of abuse and violence, intolerance and prejudice.

Day 13    

The Chapter of the Cathedral: the Dean and Residentiary Canons, Ian Bowler, Andrew Pianca, Jo Pinson, Roddy Porter and Linda Sharpin.

Those living in poverty or under oppression.

Day 14    

The Music Development Foundation: David Watts (Chairman); Chorister sponsors. 

The local community in which we are set: Guildford Borough Council and all who work in its amenities and services.

Day 15    

The Diocesan Library and all who use it.

Local government, community leaders: Tony Samuels, (Chair of Surrey County Council), Joss Bigmore (Leader, Guildford Borough Council), and Ward Councillors within our Diocese. Members of Parliament in the diocese and for Angela Richardson (Guildford MP).

Day 16    

The Cathedral’s work to support growing faith among children and families: Becki Hartley (Head of Family Engagement and Schools); Sunday School leaders

Victims and perpetrators of crime; the Court Service; and Neighbourhood Watch in the communities of the Diocese.

Day 17    

The Cathedral Architect, John Bailey and all who maintain the fabric and the grounds. The Fabric Advisory Committee: Paul Velluet (Chair).

Those who work with the young.  Local schools, including Lanesborough (choir school).

Day 18    

Those who work with the elderly.

Colleges and universities in the Diocese: The University of Surrey, Royal Holloway, University of Law and The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham; their students, staff and chaplains.

Day 19    

The Cathedral’s work with schools - the volunteers and all involved with school visits and workshops. Becki Hartley (Head of Family Engagement and Schools)

The work of Age UK Surrey

Day 20

The Altar Servers of the Cathedral.

HM The Queen, Mr Michael More-Molyneux (Lord Lieutenant of Surrey).

Day 21    

The Fundraising Department: Sarah Horrocks (Fundraising Officer) The Cathedral Fundraising Committee: Julian Roberts (Chair)

Those who clean our streets, collect our rubbish and tend public spaces.

Day 22    

The children and young people in the cathedral community and their families.

The emergency services: Surrey Police, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, South East Coast Ambulance Service.

Day 23    

The armed forces of this country and their chaplains: especially those based within the Diocese.

Day 24    

The Cathedral Archivists, Liz North and Janet Stubbings. The Curator of the Treasury, Roger Heath-Bullock.

All whose lives are devastated by war and civil strife.  For refugees.

Day 25    

The Visitors’ Chaplains and those who seek spiritual solace here.

The prisons within the Diocese: Coldingley, Downview, High Down and Send; prisoners, governors and prison officers, chaplains and prison visitors.

Day 26    

The Cathedral Bellringers: Chris Rogers (Tower Captain); Richard Burton (Ringing Master).

Day 27    

The College of Canons in their parishes and daily work.

Those whose time is spent caring for others.

Day 28    

All the Cathedral Volunteers. Julie Mitchell (Volunteer Coordinator)

All travellers by land, sea and air.

Day 29

Seasons Café and Restaurant: Carla Williams (General Manager), staff and customers.

For the earth and the protection of the environment.

Day 30    

The Flower Arrangers. The University of Surrey: The Vice-Chancellor, staff and students; The Chaplaincy Team. Coordinating Chaplain Rabbi Alex Goldberg

Day 31    

The Community on Stag Hill and our neighbours in Onslow Village and Park Barn.

All places of recreation and refreshment of body, mind and spirit.