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Explore the Cathedral

Before you visit, why not explore Guildford Cathedral using the interactive tour below? Click on a marker to see more information, or walk around the interior of the building using Google Street View further down the page! You may also like to view a stunning photo gallery of the Cathedral.

Guildford Cathedral is a fresh expression of a traditional sacred space and a precious part of the national heritage. Although modern, it has a rich variety of features, many of which reflect our dedication to the Holy Spirit.

  1. Main Entrance & West Front Statuary
  2. Kneelers
  3. Furnishings and Textiles
  4. High Altar & Holy Spirit window
  5. Children’s Chapel
  6. St Ursula’s Porch & Royal Bricks
  7. Chapter House
  8. Lady Chapel
  9. Treasury and Exhibition Room
  10. Diocesan map
  11. Chapel of Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment
  12. Gifts of the Spirit
  13. Children’s Garden
  14. Ganges Cross

Main Entrance & West Front Statuary

The statutary on the west end of the Cathedral is by Charles Gurrey of York. Completed in 2004, thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Cathedral, the West Front Statuary shows a central figure of the Transfigured Christ with figures of men and women whose lives reflect the Holy Spirit.


There are over 1,400 individually-designed, handmade kneelers (“hassocks”) in the Cathedral!

Furnishings and Textiles

Sir Edward Maufe, the architect of Guildford Cathedral designed several textiles and textiles furnishings which can be seen around the building.

High Altar & Holy Spirit window

Above the High Altar is a round stained glass window depicting the seven gifts of the spirit: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, fear of the Lord (Isaiah 11:2-3). Guildford is the only English Cathedral dedicated to the Holy Spirit.

Children’s Chapel

An unusual child-focused chapel that also provides memorial space for those who have lost a child.

St Ursula’s Porch & Royal Bricks

St Ursula’s Porch contains five bricks signed by members of the Royal Family, including HM The Queen,  as part of the buy a brick campaign which funded the Cathedral’s construction.

Chapter House

The formal meeting place of The Chapter, the Governing Body of the Cathedral.

Lady Chapel

The Lady Chapel, at the east end of the Cathedral, is used for daily worship.

Treasury and Exhibition Room

The Treasury houses gold and silver plate belonging to the Cathedral and churches in the diocese. From a 12th century bronze thurible cover to a 21st century silver gilt ciborium, the collection spans the centuries.

Diocesan map

The map shows the Cathedral’s connections to all the churches in the diocese and was drawn by local school boy, John Clark in 1954. His updated version, from 2000, can be seen in the Treasury. 

Chapel of Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment

The Chapel was dedicated in 1959.

Gifts of the Spirit

Seven figures representing the seven gifts of the spirit are on the north side of the Cathedral; figures of the seven Christian Virtues are found on the south side of the building.

Children’s Garden

This unique garden incorporates four areas – one for each season – together with a bronze sculpture and a labyrinth. Opened in 2008, it is designed to help children and young people explore feelings of loss of all kinds with the support of their families, teachers, and carers.

Ganges Cross

Erected in 1933 to mark the site of the new Cathedral, the Ganges Cross is located outside at the east end.

Map showing the location of: