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The Knife Angel comes to Surrey – March 2023


The Knife Angel, otherwise known as the National Monument Against Violence and Aggression, is coming to Surrey in 2023. Standing 27ft high and weighing 3.5 tons, it is a spectacular sculpture of an angel. Created over two years, the sculpture uses 100,000 knives collected during amnesties from 43 police forces across the UK.

Together with partners, charities and organisations, and sponsors, the team at Guildford Cathedral wish for as many people to experience this remarkable sculpture as possible. Across Guildford and Surrey, we will.

  • Host a series of educational workshops for schools
  • Hold Interactive events for families and young people
  • Enable a weapons amnesty, approved by Surrey Police (a secure weapon surrender bin travel with The Knife Angel)
  • Work in partnership with organisations across the county involved with tackling violence and aggression.
  • Hold an opening ceremony and closing vigil.

To achieve these ambitions, the team need to secure pledges and sponsorship from local organisations and businesses that can help with;

  • Moving the Knife Angel from Guildford to
  • Pro-bono services
  • Security services during March
  • Road haulage/craneage expertise
  • Printing services and costs
  • External lighting and PA systems
  • Greeting visitors to the Knife Angel
  • Spending time with visitors who have been affected by trauma and signpost them to further support.