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Baptisms, weddings, funerals and memorials

All members of the Community Roll at the Cathedral may ask for a service of baptism, a marriage service or a funeral to take place at the Cathedral. If you are not on the Community Roll we can help put you in touch with your parish priest who will help you in your arrangements. The Church of England, through its parish system, provides baptism, weddings and funerals for all who ask. You can find out more about this at To find out which parish you live in go to


If you would like to arrange a Memorial service in the Cathedral please contact Lisa Hatherall at or 01483 547862.

The Children's Chapel at Guildford Cathedral holds a memorial book for children of any age. Parents and grandparents have requested the names of those children they have lost to be put in the book. If you would like a name entered in the Book of Remembrance please contact reception on 01483 547860 or open the form (PDF) and upon completion return to the Cathedral Office.

The Remembrance Book can be viewed in the Children's Chapel when the Cathedral is open. Please check the events diary as there are occasions when the Cathedral is closed for special events. If visitors wish to view another page in the Book this can be requested.

The Seeds of Hope Children's Garden opened at Guildford Cathedral on 1 May 2008. It is a unique garden designed to help children and young people explore feelings of loss of all kinds with the support of their families, teachers, and carers. The loss may be as a result of many different things including death, divorce, adoption, separation, a change of school, because a best friend has moved away or a treasured possession has been lost.