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Celebrating Dean Dianna

Choral Evensong celebrating Dean Dianna’s ministry

You are invited to an exceptional and poignant service celebrating Dianna’s ministry.  The service will take place at Guildford Cathedral on Sunday 24 September 2023 at 3pm. 

Link to service details here | Order of Service here

Livestream here

The Women of Stag Hill

This Sunday 24 September we celebrate ten years of Dean Dianna, as we bid farewell and she enters well deserved retirement.

To mark this occasion, we launch the first two interviews, in a new series ‘The Women of Stag Hill’.

Reflecting on her time as the first woman Dean of Guildford, Dianna talks to Canon Chris Hollingshurst about her time in post, and the role of women and men in partnership together.

The interview can be found here The Very Reverend Dianna Gwilliams.

As part of this launch you will find a fascinating opening presentation by Juliet Dunmur, the Maufes’ (Cathedral architect) granddaughter and the author of Edward Maufe’s biography, in which she evaluates the contributions of the first women involved in the early days of Guildford Cathedral.

We hope you enjoy the start of this series, highlighting and celebrating The Women of Stag Hill.

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A stunning and unique venue.

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