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With war-time building restrictions finally lifted, efforts to complete the Cathedral started anew. Fund-raising began again - by this time needing to raise four times the original estimate of £250,000.

Led by the formidable Miss Eleanor Iredale, the ‘Buy-a Brick' campaign was launched in 1952. Between 1952 and 1961 more than 200,000 ordinary people bought a brick for 2s 6d (12½p) and inscribed it with their name. The bricks were made from clay taken from Stag Hill on which the Cathedral stands. 

Subscribers came from across the diocese but also from throughout the country. Groups of school children clubbed together to buy a brick, bricks were bought in memory of loved ones, or as celebration by honeymooning couples. And of course by HM The Queen. To this day, many people feel that they have a personal link with the Cathedral because of this scheme. 

Completion of the building was made possible only through the campaign’s success and the generosity of the brick-givers.

Were you, or someone in your family a brickgiver? We’d love to hear from you!