Art Exhibitions

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The Cathedral's simple and peaceful interior provides an inspiring setting for our programme of art exhibitions.

  • Tuesday 21 January to Thursday 13 February -

Creative Coverage

We’re delighted to be hosting a wonderful collection of artists in this collaboration between Guildford Cathedral and Creative Coverage, featuring Susie Lidstone, Mary Burtenshaw, Sheeba Kukreja, Ingrid Skoglund, Wendy Yeo, Stuart Stanley, Nerissa Deeks, Andrew Halliday, Kate Findlay and Jennifer Wright.

The team at Creative Coverage say;

"Creative Coverage members are selected on merit. We handle all aspects of marketing for them and have an excellent track record for delivering results. We also collaborate with venues to organise exhibitions. Ultimately, Creative Coverage provides time-saving services and opportunities that help artists, craftspeople, galleries and societies to become more successful."

Entry to the exhibition is free and you can make a purchase by speaking to the guides at the welcome desk.


  • Tuesday 27 April to Thursday 7 May 2020

Guildford Photographic Society Biennial Exhibition

Guildford Photographic Society was founded in 1892 with the aim of ‘advancing the art and craft of amateur photography’  More than a century later the have not lost sight of this objective. 

This exhibition will bring together some 120 photographs from over one hundred members. 


  • Tuesday 11 August to Monday 10 August 2020

Tree of Life & Open Heaven

Tree of Life and Open Heaven Jacqui will be touring a smaller textile exhibition Tree of Life with an amazing installation Open Heaven from the autumn of 2019. Tree of Life consists of 3 huge stitched panels on a subject that runs through the bible. Many of us remember the story of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in Genesis at the start of the bible when Adam and Eve bit into a piece of forbidden fruit. But there was another tree in the Garden of Eden - the Tree of Life - and it’s found again at the very end of the bible in a great promise of a new heaven and a new earth! And Jacqui has reimagined the cross as the Tree of Life as Jesus dies to offer life. So she depicts the Big Story of the tree in three key scenes, beautifully and dramatically through astonishing stitching.



 Art in the Cathedral

The art on our walls during this period of Lent is a Stations of the Cross exhibition by renowned artist Arnold Daghani (22 February 1909 – 6 April 1985), a Romanian-born Jewish artist, writer and Holocaust survivor. In 1941 he and his wife Anisoara were arrested and sent to the Nazi labour camp of Mikhailowka in Ukraine in 1941. While there Daghani chronicled his experiences in a diary and artwork which he managed to smuggle with himself when he escaped to Budapest in 1943. In 1947 he published these, first in Romanian, Groapa este în livada de visini, later translated into English under the title The Grave is in the Cherry Orchard. After the war, he lived in Israel, France, Switzerland, and England.Throughout his life, Daghani worked in a wide range of media, techniques and styles, returning to subjects such as memory, religion and his experiences in the labour camp.




Before visiting please check the forthcoming events to ensure the Cathedral is available. Free Admission.

Exhibiting at Guildford Cathedral

If you would like to exhibit in the Cathedral, in the first instance, please read the notes on completing your application which will explain the application process and costs involved. For further advice and help, e-mail the Visitor Experience and Events Department at 

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