Planning Your School’s Visit

Decide what sort of visit you would like. Would you like to visit for half a day just to explore the Cathedral or would you like to add on an extra session to make your day into a full day? Or are you interested in attending one of our special events?

Decide the date(s) when you would like to visit – we ask you to kindly supply two alternative dates in case we cannot accommodate you on your preferred date. To have the best chance of securing the dates of your choice please book as soon as you can and AT LEAST one month ahead.

Then contact us or fill out a booking form and return to us via post or email.

What happens next?

We will check your chosen dates against the Cathedral diary and get back to you confirming the date within one week. (Please note the Head of Schools’ working week is Monday – Wednesday).

Once a date has been cleared through the Cathedral diary, we will then send out a Confirmation Letter and a suggested itinerary and price for your trip. This will confirm your visit.

Three weeks before the visit, please let us know your final numbers. You will also be required to pay for your visit at this time. Payment for Special Activity days may vary.

If you need to change any details of your visit, please contact us as soon as possible.

If you arrive for sessions at times other than those booked we may not be able to accommodate you.

Occasionally (but rarely) a visit may have to be altered or cancelled at short notice due to a funeral or unexpected national occasion (e.g. death of a member of the Royal Family).

Turn up on the day and enjoy Guildford Cathedral and all it can offer you and your pupils!

Health & Safety

Please note it is the responsibility of the leader of the group to make any risk assessment required but, provided sensible behaviour is observed, the cathedral does not pose any great risk. Download a risk assessment template.