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Cathedral-Parish Links

As the Mother Church of Guildford Diocese, the Cathedral greatly values its relationship with its parishes and deaneries. We run a Link Scheme whereby each parish and deanery is encouraged to appoint someone to keep in touch with the Cathedral. The Link Representative is the key person in developing and strengthening the relationship between the parishes and the Cathedral. Part of our commitment is to pray each and every day through the Diocesan Prayer Calendar.

We invite parishes to

  • worship with us, especially on the day we pray for them.
  • present the offertory at the Sunday Eucharist Service.
  • use the Cathedral for their own needs - bringing a Confirmation group or Sunday School or church group on a pilgrimage around the Cathedral.
  • invite the Cathedral to join their service - we welcome invitations to bring the Cathedral Choir to a Parish Church to sing Evensong or give a Recital.
  • become involved in the life of the Cathedral as a volunteer.

Every Link receives the Cathedral's bi-monthly diary by email giving them all the Cathedral news and information about events to publicise within the parish. In exchange, the Cathedral offers to publicise parish events.

For more information about the Link Scheme please contact Guildford Cathedral Reception.