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Why Support Guildford Cathedral?

Why Should You Support Guildford Cathedral?

Guildford Cathedral stands as a precious gem in our national heritage and is proudly listed as a grade II* building. However, maintaining such a magnificent structure requires significant financial resources.

Throughout the year, the Cathedral remains open to everyone, serving as a place of worship, cultural events, learning and heritage activities, daily services, festivals, and musical performances. The annual cost of running the Cathedral amounts to around £1.3 million, with approximately 50% dedicated solely to maintaining the building and its surrounding grounds.

Despite its significance, Guildford Cathedral wasn’t backed by substantial financial legacies during its construction, and it doesn’t receive funding from either the church or the state for its maintenance.

This is where the support of generous contributors and visitors becomes crucial. By contributing, you play an essential role in ensuring the Cathedral can cover its annual costs, continue its rich choral music tradition, and uphold its valuable work with the community.

The completion of the People’s Cathedral was made possible by the generosity of many individuals who recognised its importance. Now, we ask you to join this legacy of philanthropy and continue supporting our cause.

Whether you cherish Guildford Cathedral as a place of spiritual significance, appreciate its exceptional musical performances, admire its unique historical journey, or simply value it as a wonderful meeting place enriched with art and culture, your support will help keep its doors open to all, free of charge.

To learn more about why our Cathedral holds a special place in our national heritage, we invite you to delve into its fascinating story and significance. Together, let’s ensure Guildford Cathedral’s enduring presence for generations to come.