Through the People's Cathedral Project we have secured the long term future of the unique archive at Guildford Cathedral.

The project undertook a major initiative to catalogue the entire archive, enabling it to be fully searchable and accessible by archive staff and researchers on site and throughout the world online. At project closure, circa 25% or the archive has been catalogued by our dedicated band of volunteers. Although the project has now closed, our wonderful volunteers are continuing the cataloguing work using dedicated software.

The archive is available online, allowing researchers, historians, students and enthusiasts to search our records  by visiting:- 

In addition to the cataloguing, key aspects of our collection have been digitised and are available through our online catalogue. The digitised content has provided a valuable research and information resource for the general public, providing a mechanism to develop deeper understanding of the heritage of Guildford Cathedral.

As part of the project we have drawn together a toolkit designed to guide volunteers through their work within Guildford Cathedral Archives and can be used as a guide for other collections.

Archive Toolkit

 In August 2017 the People's Cathedral Project was completed. The information on these webpages are for reference and interest only.