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Talks by Katherine Dienes-Williams

Education is a central aspect of the Cathedral’s mission.  We offer opportunities for learning, dialogue and engagement with issues of public debate.

At the Cathedral, people of all ages can learn about faith and discipleship. We run a Sunday School and are developing work with young people; there are occasional study groups and Lent Lectures.

The Cathedral is a theological and educational resource for the Diocese, supporting the work of clergy and parishes. The Cathedral works with the Diocese in planning and delivering an annual summer school.

Working with other institutions in and around Stag Hill, for example the University of Surrey, the Cathedral is committed to engaging with issues in the public sphere (including social responsibility, science, ethics, the arts and inter-faith dialogue).  There will be an annual series of talks alongside seminar based groups.

Transcripts of these talks are, where possible, included below.

For details of forthcoming talks, please see the Cathedral Diary and What's On 



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Praying the Psalms - Katherine Dienes-Williams

THE MUSIC OF THE PSALMS [Please note that the audio track ends early to allow music to be played through the Cathedral's sound system.] ‘For ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes’ – these were the words which came to my lips and which I uttered aloud at the… Read more

Talk by Katherine Dienes-Williams on Thursday 25th February 2016