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Guildford Cathedral 2020

This section of our website is devoted to information about the Guildford Cathedral 2020 project, our plans for saving and transforming our site for the future. Our Vision is to be able to finally take our place at the heart of Guildford and realise the original vision for “The People's Cathedral”. It involves securing our long term financial future by selling land to create an endowment, raising £7m (through the Appeal) for essential urgent building works, and a longer term ambition to enhance the Cathedral grounds to provide new facilities. It is an ambitious but essential programme which will lead to the creation of a Cathedral Quarter on Stag Hill.

Over the coming months we will be posting information on these pages with more details about our plans and our timetable.

September 2013

As an introduction to the proposals you can download our Guildford Cathedral 2020 brochure (PDF) which explains the long term strategy which the Chapter, our decision making body, has adopted. There are also some Frequently Asked Questions explaining the background to the 2020 Vision.

Download Brochure (PDF)

October 2013

Launch of Appeal for building works and Announcement that initial support* from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has been received for a £4.5m bid for repairs to the Cathedral fabric and development of its project: Securing Guildford Cathedral’s future: treasures, memories and stories revealed.

February 2014

As part of the Cathedral Appeal, launch of public campaign for urgent repairs: MAKE YOUR MARK calls on Surrey residents and supporters from all over the world to make their mark and support the Cathedral at this crucial crossroads in the building’s history. The most urgent requirement for funds is to remove and replace crumbling plaster in the vaults which contains asbestos.  At the same time improvements will be made to access, lighting and sound systems, bringing them up to 21st Century standards.

April 2014

Announcement of sale of some land to the south and east of the Cathedral for residential development, to create an endowment for long term financial security for the Cathedral. Please follow the link below to see a copy of the Press statement and Questions & Answers



July 2014

Public Notice on application to the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England.


Our Vision will provide the framework for an extensive programme of investment which will enable us to finally take our place at the heart of Guildford, and realise the original vision for The People’s Cathedral