During the life of the People's Cathedral Project, 5 apprentices were welcomed to site including Edward Poole, Apprentice Electrician, George Brockbank, Apprentice Labourer, Alfie Oliver, Apprentice Plasterer/Labourer and Carina Eisenmann, Apprentice Architect.

Apprenticeships were a really important part of the People's Cathedral Project. We wanted to provide young people with access to a unique capital build project within a historic setting in order to gain essential experience and address the well-documented skills shortage in the heritage sector.

Apprenticeships combine practical training with study. In paid roles, apprentices learn job-specific skills working alongside experienced staff, and at the same time study to gain nationally-recognised qualifications.


In August 2017 the People's Cathedral Project was completed. The information on these webpages are for reference and interest only.