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Music Outreach

Guildford Cathedral is committed to providing new skills, experiences and inspiration to local school children through our musical outreach, Surrey Get Vocal!

Children rehearsing with the Cathedral Choir for a music outreach event.

Surrey Get Vocal! musical outreach programme for Year 5 pupils

Guildford Cathedral is delighted to have been awarded funding from the Bishop's Council and the Derek Butler Trust to provide musical outreach to local primary schools through a scheme entitled ‘Surrey Get Vocal!’

Since September 2008, under the government's Sing Up! initiative, the Cathedral has worked in many local schools with over 1000 children.

The scheme runs during an academic year and is available to schoolchildren in Year 5. It aims to teach an enjoyment of singing together with best use of the voice, opportunities for group singing and inspiration for composition of music to children. The year-long programme of musical outreach includes:

  • vocal animateur sessions leading to an 'in school' performance in term 1
  • an acoustic compositional challenge in Guildford Cathedral in term 2 linked to the National Curriculum science syllabus
  • full choral concert in Guildford Cathedral together with members of Guildford Cathedral Choir in term 3

Staff of the schools visited may also be offered a wrap-up session aimed at sustaining the achievements of the programme beyond its duration and at encouraging confidence to promote singing in the classroom.

For further information, please contact the Surrey Get Vocal! Administrator, Mrs Hayley Adams via email at:

Children performing at a Sing Up event