Home Worship

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have provided links to resources, whether it be music from our Cathedral Choir, links to external sources for prayer resources, and links to our own services. Please click on each individual day to see the links available.

On Tuesday mornings we hold Morning Prayer at 8am and the Eucharist at 8.30am, and on Wednesday – Friday at 9am and 9.30am. These services are live streamed, and wherever possible links to these services are shown.

On Sundays we hold Holy Communion in the Cathedral at 9.45am. The link to the service is available on the day on our Facebook page and then after you can catch-up via the link for the individual day on this page.

Links to these and other services are listed daily below. Other information can be found on the Cathedral Facebook page and also via our YouTube Channel. Our Clergy continue to worship daily in their own homes, if you would like to be added to the prayer list contact Please be assured of our prayers at this time. 

For all home worship available from 17 March – end of October please click here


In addition to our own Home Worship, here are some resources that you may find useful

Prayers from the Church of England during the Coronavirus outbreak

The Church of England’s telephone Worship line

Worship whilst on your daily exercise using this Wild Worship Field Guide (pdf)

The Church of England’s Facebook Page

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Facebook Page


A Prayer for the Nation

During the month of second lockdown the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, together with senior Church leaders have called for a month of Prayer for the Nation. The suggestion is that as many of us as possible unite to do this at 6pm each day. You can download a Prayer for the Nation leaflet here, and each day at 6pm on our facebook page we will be offering a daily prayer.


The following home worship is from November onwards:

1 – 7 November                    8 – 14 November                    15 – 21 November                    22 – 28 November                    

29 November – 5 December                   6 – 12 December                    13 – 19 December                    20 – 26 December

27 December – 2 January                    3 – 9 January                     10 – 16 January