1 April 2020


#homeworship from Guildford Cathedral is the second in our four-part series which began on Monday.

Today's reminds us of Jesus' anger with God, and this in turn reminds us that we all may feel frustrated - but that this is ok. The music today also reminds us that God cares for us, and all his creation. The music is by Francis Poulenc, and a text and translation follow.

Vinea mea electa, ego te plantavi:
quomodo conversa es in amaritudinem,
ut me crucifigeres et Barrabam dimitteres.
Sepivi te et lapides elegi ex te
et aedificavi turrim.

You are my chosen vine and by my hand you were planted;
how then have you become bitter?
You crucified me and set Barabbas free.
I guarded you with a hedge, I removed the stones from around you,
I built a tower to watch over you.