11 April 2020 - Holy Saturday

 Tonight's #homeworship is a night like no other!

A group of over 100 people from all traditions have come together from around the country. Cathedrals and minsters, theological colleges and mission societies, religious communities and all traditions are offering an online resource to help people watch and wait and pray through the night of Easter Eve: 

The traditional vigil has been reimagined and remixed with fifteen short acts of worship, each lasting 10-15 minutes, that we hope people will use throughout the night. Each video focuses on a reading from the Old Testament and draws out of it rumours of hope in spoken reflections, music, art and contemplative and creative prayer.

Reflections are led by bishops and theologians but also by parish priests and ordinands, as we explore with honesty the hope that we can have in these difficult times. Music and poetry has been recorded specially, with some new compositions and new interpretations of old favourites – recorded in homes under lockdown or beside night-time fires, rather than simply using archive material.

We hope many will choose to keep the vigil together and share in the worship on a timetable running from 8pm, with the services starting off an hour apart and getting closer together as we race towards the dawn and a final service of light led from Canterbury Cathedral precincts and ushered in by the Chrysostom Collective’s retelling of one of the most famous Easter sermons of all time.


#RumoursOfHope2020 #NightOfPrayer