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Talk Archive: 2015

Education is a central aspect of the Cathedral’s mission.  We offer opportunities for learning, dialogue and engagement with issues of public debate.

At the Cathedral, people of all ages can learn about faith and discipleship. We run a Sunday School and are developing work with young people; there are occasional study groups and Lent Lectures.

The Cathedral is a theological and educational resource for the Diocese, supporting the work of clergy and parishes. The Cathedral works with the Diocese in planning and delivering an annual summer school.

Working with other institutions in and around Stag Hill, for example the University of Surrey, the Cathedral is committed to engaging with issues in the public sphere (including social responsibility, science, ethics, the arts and inter-faith dialogue).  There will be an annual series of talks alongside seminar based groups.

Transcripts of these talks are, where possible, included below.

For details of forthcoming talks, please see the Cathedral Diary and What's On 



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All my hope on God is founded

Our Lent Lectures at Guildford Cathedral have responded to the phrase 'Do not be afraid': hearing it perhaps as a challenge, an invitation, an imperative or word of assurance. We've been thinking about Catherine Clancy's exhibition on that theme (on display at the Cathedral this Lent). We have bee… Read more

Talk by on Thursday 26th March 2015

Ask from the Ocean's Roar

NB This is the prepared text but not word for word what was said in the lecture. ARK FROM THE OCEAN’S ROAR I. When Catherine Clancy’s exhibition first went up in the cathedral I was instantly struck by the contrast of the darkness, utter darkness, of the paintings that run down the… Read more

Talk by on Thursday 19th March 2015

All things bright and beautiful?

‘All things bright and beautiful’?Living in the face of nature’s indifference to humanity 1)   Introduction Just three weeks ago I was skiing in the French Alps – one of the most beautiful ski weeks I’ve had – sunshine, blue skies and some of the mos… Read more

Talk by Steve Summers on Thursday 12th March 2015

The clouds ye so much dread

We decided to use as titles a line from a hymn and I’m sure you know the first line…Cowper’s God moves in a mysterious way his wonders to perform.  I will come back to that later. Last week the Dean began our Lent Talks with a study of the relationship between fear, being… Read more

Talk by Derek Holbird on Thursday 5th March 2015

Be strong, take heart

In this first talk in the Lent series this year I want to explore with you courage and fear.  What they have in common and how closely they sit together, how they each shape the other and of the essential role they each have in the human condition.  I will suggest that because fear is s… Read more

Talk by Dianna Gwilliams on Thursday 26th February 2015