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News: Guildford Illuminated | Illuminations

The Cathedral rounds off Diamond Jubilee Celebrations with Illuminations

We will be staging a Guildford Illuminated event which runs from 8-12 February 2022. 

Sound and light art is projected onto the internal architectural features of Guildford Cathedral transforming and enveloping the inside space. Visitors will stand in the Nave and view the spectacular light and sound show which is digitally and artistically created by artistic collaboration ‘Luxmuralis’. Viewers are immersed in the sound they hear and will be enveloped in the light art that is all around them in the sacred space.

Firstly, the artwork features a journey through space, light and time, which takes viewers on a journey to the very edge of the galaxy and asks viewers to contemplate their own personal journeys and reflects back on the wonder that is our planet earth.

The artwork then explores ’Life’ which is designed to enable people to explore and contemplate and reflect upon life on today’s planet that occurs in a single 24-hour period. The viewer is taken from Sunrise to Sunset, journeying through the beauty of planet earth, witnessing the sun, the oceans and the clouds reflected inside the majestic sacred space giving the viewer moments of awe and wonder.

Previous Illuminated events by Luxmuralis have sold out (Poppies and Star of Wonder), and indications are that Space and Light will be no exception. The events give visitors a sense of wonder when they can see the inside of the cathedral transformed with this light and sound spectacular.

The Luxmuralis team behind this spectacular are Artist Peter Walker and Composer David Harper. Through Son-et-Lumiere installation and sound art pieces they transform and reinterpret the sense of place and space creatively helping members of the public to take a physical and emotional journey to identify with the subject and message of the artwork.

Tickets are for sale at Box Office 


Tickets for the Show are £7 for adults and for children 2-16 years £5. There are various time slots available each evening, and all children must be accompanied by an adult.



Added Wednesday 8th December 2021