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Tower Tour Guides

Tower Tour Guides | Volunteer Role

Can you help our visitor reach the dizzying heights of the top of the Tower?

As we enter a new season of Tower Tours our faithful trained team of volunteers is very small, as members have moved away, and others are no longer available. It is a role that requires training, health and safety considerations and a certain level of fitness (there are 249 steps to the top of the Tower). The Cathedral Tower Tours are frequently requested and interests the public greatly. It is a great asset of the Cathedral that we have such splendid viewpoint across the county. As the present team is small, we have only managed five dates for this year but urgently need to grow our team so we can offer more tours. 

Full details of the vacancy can be seen via the role brief here.

Interested? Or have further questions? 

Please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator by email or telephone 01483 547 885.


If interested in this role, or you have further questions, you are welcome to contact Julie Mitchell, Volunteer Coordinator by email or telephone 01483 547 885.

You are welcome to send in your Curriculum Vitae, however, we will require you to fill in an application form and supply two references prior to commencing your role.

Also, there will be an initial trial period to ensure that the role suits. As part of your induction you will be provided with all the necessary information to enable you to thrive in your role.